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To think I was going to throw this old lamp away. If it weren’t for a dream I had two nights ago, I would have eventually gotten rid of it. And because of that dream and the work of art I created in it, I now have a new lamp. But let me tell you, this thing was the most difficult object I have ever decopatched. It’s spherical, collapsible and spins on a moving axis, a true pain in the neck (literally). I did it though, and the result is, if I should say so myself, a lot nicer than the one I made in my dream. Don’t you love it when that happens?

first thing i did was fish out some old food-color-dyed napkins to cover the original lampshade

what a pain. i was covered in glue

a few hours later and the shade is finally covered. a less challenging feat would have been to decopatch the entire set of my internal organs. never again

i found this great tracing paper stashed away among my many note/sketchbooks. i thought that this was where the fun would begin. i was wrong

the first figure complete

there IS life on mars. sticking the tracing paper on proved even more challenging than the napkins. the paper is very hard and dry, but it surprised me by creating an ethereal effect

lights on

ok so it's a little red light district

stretch. i don't know why but this sort of reminds me of fossilized mosquitos in amber

girly one

girly two

girly three

floating membranous planet

all lights out but one. a sun in the middle of my studio

some more girlies for my lamp. there's a dark room feel here

the figures just weren't sticking to the shade. i had to use both hands, my head, the wall. my son took this picture

interrogation room

fixing her hair

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  1. love it! i’ve been feeling pretty crafty myself… i want to craft party if you want to join in anytime.

    nice work

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