book one } body parts | first batch out for delivery!

imagine this under a christmassy douglas-fir

I spent this afternoon wrapping and organizing delivery of the first batch of my book Body Parts. I don’t know, maybe it’s in my blood (my mom’s a huge wrapping fiend) but I love fussing with ‘gifts’. I know these aren’t technically presents but the people who bought them should feel like they have just purchased a gift to themselves. Congratulations to them, and I do hope they enjoy the book. Happy holidays!

i start off with a book and prepare the wrapping paper

but not before i include a personal inscription

i create a hand-drawn/written card, also personalized

and the package is complete. created with lots of love and a bit of a fuss

these two were delivered yesterday via courier to katy mcdevitt in canada and yahia lababibi in the states, both of whom contributed a story to one of the illustrations in the book

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  1. That’ll be Douglas-fir. Not douglas fir. Oh dear me. This sweet sherry is making me very assertive. I get like this every Christmas.

  2. I passed by dar al fonoon the day before the exhibition and I was telling my friends I’d heart having Ghada’s paintings in a note book, so this is a wish come true : )
    How can I get a copy?

    • Hi, Maha! There are three ways of getting a copy: 1. Dar Al-Funoon 2. From me directly (just send me an e-mail to coordinate) and 3. At Dar.Nur, where I’ll be sending over copies of the book this afternoon.

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