five sketches yesterday, five questions today

can you jump rope?

I’d like some answers to these universal questions and I’d like them soon!

what's prettier? and who smells better?

does this ever happen to you?

superhero or sidekick?

what is beautiful to you?

4 Comments on “five sketches yesterday, five questions today”

  1. 1. Yes I can jump rope and used to double dutch too. 2)I love her knee socks and imagine they smell like lavender. 3) Of course! That’s why I choose opaques….. they called me the haila hoob girl and still am. 4) Her posture is sidekickish on the side lines of a balllerina troupe…. 5) Beautiful is a moment- a shadow of a smile. Beautiful is that which becomes more beautiful as you know it and discover it.

  2. 1. Yes, I can jump. But these days if I land too hard I release a dribble of urine.
    2. Although they both represent their own embodiment of beauty neither of them is pretty. And to each other they both smell the same.
    3. What? Frozen shoulder or spasm? Occasionally I suffer from both, but once my meds are sorted out I hope their incidence will be reduced.
    4. Neither. She is simply on her way home from the launderette and air-drying her underwear. I do it all the time.
    5. Straight talking, honesty, lack of bullshit and avoidance of pretentiousness. I see mostly ugliness around me.
    6. Oh. No more questions? Shame I was really enjoying that.
    7. Good bye.

  3. 1. yes.
    2. can’t tell. sniff, sniff. they smell the same to me.
    3. yes. i had my first hose moment of the year yesterday. it wasn’t cold enough here in qatar but i missed wearing them so i did anyway.
    4. superhero. but nobody gets it.
    5. there is a velvety shine i see on my girls cheeks when they talk. that’s beautiful.

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