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A few weeks ago I asked you, my visitors, to help me out with an interview for Bazaar Magazine by submitting questions for me to answer. The interview went online last week. You can find it here: Ghadah Alkandari in Bazaar.

I just want to take this opportunity to comment on one of my answers (the one about the best thing about being an artist in Kuwait). I must have been feeling extra catty the morning I answered the questions. There are some favorable aspects about being an artist in this country, the main one being the opportunity to exhibit and to publicly share my work with others-albeit a few. My reply was so bitchy for the sake of being bitchy and I don’t like that.

Thanks everyone for contributing and I hope you enjoy the interview!

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  1. Its too bad I wasn’t paying attention when you asked for questions.. I wrote for Bazaar for a whole year, it was so much fun. I love that I can read it page to page online, thanks Ahmed.

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