pgb 2 exhibition preps

a few of my postcards hanging nicely. leaving soon to the gallery to straighten them out

Wow. For someone who doesn’t like to abbreviate, I just slashed the hell out of my title. Sorry, both busy and still a little under the weather. Just wanted to share some of the preparation photos with you. See you all tonight if you can come. Remember the polkadots! 

lucy doing some hanging. this is my least hands-on exhibition in terms of setting up. it sucks being ill at this crucial time

vassant holds the ladder for jay. the men have been ever so helpful. thanks, guys!

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  1. Oh, and please would you reserve one of your books for me. If I may, I shall sort out delivery etc. to UK in a couple of weeks.

    Hospital again! and I have much to sort before my life is interrupted.



  2. Wishing you the best Ghada… I am sure your show will be great and I can already see it through Lucy’s touch and the gallery I visited when I was in Kuwait… Alf Mabrouk Pretty Green Bullet!

  3. Is the exhibition just for one day? looks beautiful! How can we buy your book if we missed the exhibition?

    • Danah, Lucy has decided to keep the exhibition up for another day (albeit with possibly one or more pieces taken down already). You can find the book there. If not, I’ll be selling it from my studio.

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