framing postcards

this is my framing station, right in the middle of my foyer. i borrowed this lovely table (and by lovely i mean homely on the outside and comely on the inside) from my mom

What a time to fall ill. Ugh! I’m not bed-ridden yet but it’s one of those things that if I put my head down to rest, I’ll be out all day. And I have so much work yet to do. So I’ll keep trudging until I won’t be able to function anymore. Or I’ll  pop a pill and sleep. The latter seems like a more sensible choice.

if i had a little shop, i'd display these postcards stacked like this. i like people to look through them. i think sometimes artwork is appreciated more that way

i've been staring at this table for a few days now. oh look, there's my book! but seriously, my energy is totally drained. and if it weren't for my sister yasmine, who framed most of my postcards for me, i'd be even farther behind in schedule

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