Book One } Body Parts

This book is #1 of a series of five thematic books I plan to publish over the next few years (fingers crossed!). I have been fantasizing about this project for probably a whole decade now, and it’s so exciting to see it finally come to fruition. The book features my sketches and drawings, and guest contributions by Maysaa Al-Mumin, Katy McDevitt and Yahia Lababidi.
The book (KD10) is available in Kuwait at these locations:
Directly through me at
Outside Kuwait you can order the book through Analogue Books.

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  1. It looks VERY lovely! Can’t wait to get my hands on copies. A series of 5? And this one took you a decade? I hope you’ll be a bit quicker with the next ones. Otherwise we’ll all be dead by the time you get to the end of the series. Is it a limited edition? I don’t want to miss out! Can I reserve four copies?

    • Ok, let me sort out this barrage of questions and try to answer them systematically:
      Yes, a series of five. My original idea was to create these books based on different subjects, each subject being a basic color, to eventually get the color of the rainbow! And yes, I do hope to be a little quicker with the following four!
      The print-run is 200 copies and I’ve reserved four for you. Thanks for shopping!

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