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here lubna fuses her passion for the environment with her love for bead work. i knew coca cola was good for something

I haven’t had much time to visit the galleries this season but this particular show was important to me because not only are LB o J’zazz‘s Lubna Saif Abbas and Bettina Al-Bakhit good friends of mine, but I am so inspired by their hand-made jewelry and am a little girl lost in their bead haven in the middle of Shaab (on the seaside). Totemic Flights is the duo’s first showing of their ‘artisanal body adornment’. You can meet Lubna and check out LB o J’zazz’s exquisite jewelry yourself; just click here for the details. 

the queen and her subjects

calligraphist and jewelry maker (and thinker!) farid abdal's letter rings and bracelets are on display at the lb o j'zazz exhibit. i'm a proud owner of the letter 'ghain' ring

bettina's ice queen is 'one of her earliest pieces that expresses the whimsical fantasy of hans christen anderson's story in this haunting yet beautiful rendition recreated through the imagination'. unfortunately, bettina isn't at the show. she's in ireland busy being the ice queen of dublin

this is one of lubna's creations and one of my personal favorites. lubna says that 'totems and crosses have played a pivotal role in many societies' expression and development. they are symbolic attempts by man to create a vibrant connection with the cosmos and creativity in the same sense'

two more coca colas because they're fun. and i love the way the guy's legs echo the two display stands

there's lots of goodness to take in at the gallery. for an extra treat, you can take a look at the gallery collection hanging on the walls

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  1. It feels different Ghadah, when someone else who sees things with a different pair of glasses…. you showed our creations to me in a new way.

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