survival kit

Oh my God, what a crazy busy day. It’s going to be like this until Monday night, when I can finally hang loose and enjoy the show (yes, I do tend to be quite relaxed at my exhibitions). I haven’t produced anything today (well, not of the creative kind anyway), but I did drive around Kuwait getting things ready for the show, among other distractions such as trampolining with my crazy boys and sister, and climbing a tree. So I’m cheating here. I figure I need to put a post up because I’ve become kind of addicted to it. 

clockwise from top left: rotring ink, my isograph pens, UHU glue stick, my watercolor set and brushes, copic markers and cheapo nokia phone because I accidentally washed mine in the machine, canson drawing paper, a piece of newspaper in case i get the collage bug, my laptop, invitations to my show (not for survival, they just fit in really nicely in the grid), a stack including my journal, one of my other notebooks and a clipboard, and in the center the markers I use in my journal

Every Saturday I have a lady come in to clean my home. I rarely stay home when she’s here because I’m a little fastidious and I just cringe when I hear things being banged around. Plus I have a thing about strangers in my house cleaning my things. Anyway. Last Saturday, my son needed to be at his computer, which meant we had to stay in the house. So I decided that we’d stay in the TV room where his computer is. Which meant that whatever work I wanted to do had to be in that room. Which meant I had to pack a survival kit (we were going to be in there for hours as I asked her not to clean the room). So if anyone ever asks me what I’d take with me to a desert island, just look at the picture for the answer.

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