musical chairs, 2011, ink and markers on paper, 30 x 40cm

h's chair

I’ve always loved chairs, many of you know that. And one of the ideas I had for this show is to create some works inspired by chairs. I’ve done it before, years ago, and wanted to return to it. My only little problem was finding the right chairs for my liking. Thanks to my friend H who I think has just discovered how truly many chairs she owns, I don’t have to go out to the Friday market looking for these wonderful structures. She was generous enough to allow me to borrow the chairs (and actually have one yay!). This one is the first of my trilogy of chair-inspired drawings.

6 Comments on “chairs”

  1. I’d like to print this ink and marker drawing and place it in my work space as I bead…. love the stark expressive shadows of the legs and the patterning of the dress in contrast…..

  2. G, you should be on etsy! i would buy your prints! I love looooooove the fabric and shadows…WOW

    • I’ll check it out. I have heard of it. You know I am getting a book printed. It should be out any day now. It’s sort of a bunch of prints, just bound :).

  3. I’m the same with garden gates. I very much like the medium in these drawings. I have a thought you might paint a harlequin or a Pierrot . . .


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