preparing canvases on friday

i try to convince myself that stretching these canvases is therapeutic. it's not.

I stretched the last four of my 50 x 50cm canvases for the Paintings About Sitting series this morning. I can’t believe I’m still working when my exhibition is just ten days away. I guess I’ll be working until the 4th of December until I have to work on actual set-up. Bah! Who am I kidding, it’s all very exciting and most of it rather enjoyable.

my stretcher is the most helpful bit of toolery i've got to prepare these smaller canvases. i advise every artist who works with canvas to own one of these

dyed napkins are not the easiest materials to decopatch. their being two-ply doesn't help matters either

the dye worked beautiful patterns into these napkins

isn't this gorgeous? too bad it won't stay this way :)


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