the sitting series } six complete, four to go

this one looks completely different! actually, all the ones i posted originally do, except for one which I haven't included in this post

I am really gobbling these up. I am enjoying the process so much, because I find it both comforting and rewarding. If you remember, in a previous post I felt these were finished. Last night I decided that three of them weren’t. So I developed those three and left the last untouched. It just didn’t feel right to change it.

All works are 50cm x 50cm acrylic, dyed coffee filters/paper napkins on canvas. Some include gold leaf. I’m exhibiting all ten, including two larger paintings in my upcoming exhibition on December 5.

this one looks like she's emerging from barbed wire. or maybe she got stuck there. either way, she has this fierce expression which i felt perfectly matched her situation

the girl in the foreground is sitting, mustering up the energy to ask her maid for a glass of water. meanwhile the maid waits subserviently. that's just the first story to come to mind

two girls in a bar, one says to the other...i don't know, just felt like a good joke opener

letters appear a lot in my works. many of you know my love affair with letters. i'm not only fascinated by them as objects in their own right, but i'm also intrigued by the stories they hold and the power of a single piece of folded paper to change the course of the day

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