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  1. I have learned that there is nothing more important than a list to make me feel like I’m accomplishing something. There are times when I simply write “make a list”, then cross it off and consider myself done. Sometimes I’ll add “take a nap” to that list.

    • Stacey, ‘take a nap’ has been something on my list for the past four days. I have yet to cross it off. I have been so backed up because of the Palestinian exhibition that I am overwhelped…I like that word-overwhelped…overWHELMED with work. Maybe I wrote this already in my journal, but it’s one of these situations when there’s so much you need to do that you end up sitting at the computer doing none of it. I just brought out two easels and set them up with a canvas on each. A major accomplishment.

      • There was a time when my children were younger and I was a very single mom when there was no way I would get through my list. I was a senior officer in the Navy Reserve and on 24 hour recall notice after 9-11. I taught fifth grade and in my spare time, parented my children. During those times I called my list “triage” and included only the things that would prevent us from hemorrhaging to death.

        Sometimes I imagine life is a vicious storm and I’m simply putting my head into the wind and taking one step at a time.

        So two tips: Triage list and visuals. Oh! And I like to imagine myself relaxing on the other side. (Although sometimes it seems like “the other side” is only going to happen once I’m dead. Which, of course, is entirely possible.)

  2. “…there’s so much you need to do that you end up sitting at the computer doing none of it.” Ha, ha. I’m doing that right now.

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