you & me } a bazaar (and perhaps bizarre) interview

I have to have something about my upcoming PrettyGreenBullet show in the December issue of Bazaar Magazine and I’ve been stumped. I’m tired of run-of-the-mill interviews, answering the same questions over and over again. And I can’t seem to find anyone out there who can really challenge me with a good one-on-one. I played with the thought of having some children bombard me with ruthless questions but it felt too contrived. Then I thought: wouldn’t it be cool if I were interviewed by you? The deadline for this interview is November 17th, leaving me with such little time. So for the next twenty-four hours I’d like you to send me your questions. As much as I encourage creativity-with a touch of the ridiculous-please keep your questions clean and tasteful! Ready, steady, go!

*ps. Your name will appear before your question, so please let me know if you want to remain anonymous.

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  1. 1: What most frustrates you about being an artist in Kuwait?
    2: What is the best thing about being an artist in Kuwait?
    3: Online is immediate, worldwide and direct. But as a full-time artist do you never feel, and regret, that you are giving your work away for free like this?
    4: What is your favourite fish? And why?

  2. Have you considered doing a line of ‘scratch and sniff’ artworks?

    If so,what scents would you go for?

    Given the appropriate instruments would you consider chopping off a body part a la Van Gogh?

  3. You sometimes mention your children. One of the big problems for women here in North America (I live in Canada) is finding time for art when they have young children. Was this a problem for you?

    • You’re awful! God I can’t even fathom that. Veto!

      Are you getting worried about me not getting enough questions for your magazine? Don’t be :).

  4. 1.If you had a Manifesto, what would be its tenets?
    2.Please share with us the concept of ‘Drawing as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’.
    3. Is your art a way to mediate relationships and remedy life’s pangs, is it therapy? Does it come from your subconscious/automatic mind?
    4. Have you ever written poetry? Can you share?
    5. One commercial or slogan that pisses you off.
    6. Is Ghadah DADA?
    7. What do you think of Lady Gaga as a contemporary icon?
    8. What is the most insane/bizarre thing you have done?
    9. Your wildest dream? (maybe trite)
    10.Your advice to the children (a’ la ‘Wear Your Sunscreen’ Graduation Speech.)
    12. A Day in the life of 80-year-old Ghadah.
    13. Have you ever sucked your pens?
    14. Do you have a nervous tick or annoying habit?
    15. Is your blog more important than the life of a small animal?
    16. What would happen if you could not post on your blog anymore?
    17. You are so productive and prolific. Advice to the young artist suffering from procrastination.
    18 If you were not an artist, could you live?

  5. By the time the day began here, you were well into your interview session. I’ve read these questions…they’re fantastic! My work here is done.

    btw, I especially enjoyed reading Ahmed’s questions. Genius!

  6. Oh my God! I only just checked my email! is it too late? I was in a comatose state for the last two days. Does that excuse me from beration?…

    I have occasionally mentioned that your constant need to make art work is almost a obsessive compulsive disorder (meant in the most affectionate way of course). I have never known you not to make, paint, draw, sketch or doodle in every second you physically can. Do you ever see your rate of production increase or decline according to your emotional state?

    How do you think you would cope if for some ‘bazaar’ reason you found yourself working in an mundane office job. How would you find an outlet for your creativity?

    You Freak.

    • You’re the second person to call me a freak today. I’d take offense but I know you mean it in a good way. Hey, I understand. You recently ran, walked, hobbled a half-marathon. I ran for 200 meters the other day and almost died.

      Alas, the article has been submitted :( But I can still answer your question here: First of all, I would LOVE to have a ‘mundane’ job. One where I don’t have to think. I LOVE secretary paraphernalia: staplers, stamps, papers, envelopes, filing cabinets. Love it. And I think I’d be happy doing it. But I’d have to be a totally different person. Not Ghadah, but Ghada.

      As for the decline/increase in production according to mood, that doesn’t affect. Mood only affects the medium.

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