money boxes for the upcoming palestinian culture center exhibition

decorating these money boxes have been fun, although a little difficult to handle as they are tin and difficult to clean!

At the Palestinian Culture Center we like to encourage the spirit of giving. For a few years now, we’ve been selling these money banks to motivate children and adults alike to collect their change rather than discard it. On the last day of our four-day exhibitions, the money is counted and donated to various Palestinian causes. This year I volunteered to decorate these banks. We used to use small, ceramic urns with a slot, but unfortunately the market was out of those. I don’t think I did too bad with the tin boxes though, as big of a pain as they were!

Cross the bridge for more photos and an invitation to next week’s exhibition.


these are actually more representative of palestine as it is today: a bunch of dispersed and divided cantons

this is the invitation to next week's exhibition: we can't stress this enough: every person who goes makes a difference. because the show isn't just about selling to provide palestinian refugee women with a livelihood, but it's about informing the general public on palestine's ongoing plight. by the way, we don't preach! we just present facts

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  1. You lovely, beautiful lady. A genius to boot! I have been racking my brains for inspiration to find an inclusive way to motivate children to do something actively positive for others who have been landed in a mess but also to encourage them to research some of the issues in the world. Children, especially in rural areas where I live, can be very inward looking.

    May I borrow a fragment of your idea please?

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