gallery morning sunday

first stop was boushahri gallery for the tareq boutaihi exhibition. i liked his women's bodies but funnily enough not the faces. there was something a little too l'oreal elnett hairspray model about them

I had a busy morning bouncing from one gallery to another. In all, a friend and I dropped by four exhibitions. Our first stop was the Tareq Boutaihi exhibition at Boushahri Gallery. I didn’t immediately take to Boutaihi’s intimate look at barely clothed women but soon their bodies and expressions won me over. As much as I was inspired by his rendition of the female form, I felt a certain lack of sensitivity from the artist in their faces. But that’s just me. I have face bias. Bonus was seeing Mr. Jawad Boushahri. Double bonus was bumping into artist Ja’afar Islah.

more scantily clad mamas. and my bag

Next it was a fruitless journey to a new exhibition hall in Salhiya, Al-Mashriq Gallery. It was closed, so to console ourselves we bought some newspapers and magazines from the Kuwait Bookshop across the street. After that we took a heavily-detoured trip to Dar Al-Funoon for a sneak peak at photographer Bader Al-Bassam’s work (next post!). Finally, it was to the FA Gallery by the Amiri Hospital for their exhibition Familiar Features..Between Reality and Myth. We met up with Abed El Kadiri for a quick chat about the works and his newborn son (who looks like his beautiful mother!).

hands by haytham nawwar, charcoal drawing on paper

one of atef ahmed's works from the security series. the blue painting is by essam marouf

more hands by haytham nawwar, prints by marwa adel and FA's 2011/2012 season catalog (on the white block, if you haven't seen it, i recommend picking up a copy. it's a great reference and looks mighty good on any coffee table!)

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