Dar Al-Funoon } Bader Albassam

two of albassam's photographs recline as the day continues to be beautiful in the courtyard outside this window

One of our trips this morning took us to Dar Al-Funoon gallery in Sharq. We were hoping to get a glimpse of tomorrow night’s show by Kuwaiti photographer Bader Albassam. And we did. I really enjoyed gazing at his prints, done with standard film and natural lighting. Taken on his trips to countries such as Russia, Yemen and Cuba, Albassam captures intimate moments and truly manages to freeze time, inviting the viewer to enjoy the experiences as he experienced them. Good photography and good company: great hugs from Lucy and her friend Noorah Hadeed, and good to see Cuckoo, the resident pigeon, again.

this collection of pictures was taken in cuba and stars a little boy and a very cute dog

this is one of my favorite photographs in the exhibition. i was immediately drawn to it. i also went a little gaga over the photographs to this one's right, of chairs. *sigh* chairs just make me go all wobbly-kneed, especially chairs with a history

lucy giving direction. i can't wait 'til the works are hung. they are going to look gorgeous

cuckoo enjoying the photos

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