nazi helmets & lazy customs officers

It was brought to my attention that ‘German helmets associated with WWII were in use well before the end of WWI so technically have nothing specifically to do with the Nazis.’ Thank you, Tim Pieraccini. That was well put and eased this conflicted mother’s conscience.

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  1. Scheisse! How does one get that kind of helmet? And this woman has a serious case of the polkapox.

  2. @ Tim Pieraccini – similar style helmets were indeed introduced around 1916. But the blogger here candily describes the helmet as a ‘nazi’ helmet, so I imagine that the specific intention was to purchase a nazi helmet. Is there a swastiki afixed? I think this could be the clincher.

    • There is a Swastika :(. The intention wasn’t to purchase a Nazi helmet, but a German WWII helmet. I only allowed this purchase because the Swastika was faded, otherwise there were other memorabilia with clear Nazi insignia that I discouraged my son from ordering.

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