miti & me again

    • Mariateresa Aiello

      Ghadah. I am feeling restless and today I drew a woman with a long skirt like your eve and her laptop:) I am absorbing you by osmosis.
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      Ghadah Alkandari Show me the drawing, woman! :)
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      Mariateresa Aiello Not that you are restless, that’s all me ;) it’s new though cause usually I am so tranquilla…should try sleeping deprivation more often..I am getting a lot more done hahaha
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      Mariateresa Aiello ok i will show it to you. I think you will like it cause it’s mysterious dramatic symbolic…like your girls…
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      Ghadah Alkandari Can I post it on my rejected blog?
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      Mariateresa Aiello sure i will send it to you..I am posting it on sketchbloom too

      I’m losing my mind. The above Facebook conversation between Miti and me transpired ten days ago. Last week Miti sent me the two pictures she drew here and I couldn’t remember why, as much as I liked them, they were significant to the post I had originally envisaged. So Miti sent me the whole conversation! You really gotta love Facebook sometimes!

      So here’s Miti Aiello’s Words to Water (written by Miti):

      You can write anytime you like
      But you can never reach.

      The drawings have to do with trying to reach someone who can never be reached. A human wall.
      The wall is made of different things, could be spite, pride, ignorance.
      If the lady who is writing wasn’t so naive she would look around the wall where the mailbox is and realize her letters would never be answered, or never in the spirit of which she sent them.

      letters to water one. miti you must also have been affected by the letter writing!

      letters to water two

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  1. I sure was affected by what you are doing on raw epistle! The images are cut it just a windows vs. mac thing?
    Love M.

    • Yes, it is annoying. It cuts off a centimeter of the picture, but if you click on it you get the whole image. I can make the pictures smaller…

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