Contemporary Art Platform|Opening Tonight

a mischievous sprite and skulls: works by fadi yazigi and damien hirst respectively

Tonight is the launch of the Contemporary Art Platform at the Life Center in Shuwaikh. For the first time since 2006’s exhibition Unity in Diversity at the Dar Al-Funoon gallery, you can find, in Kuwait, a collection of this caliber under one roof. From Andy Warhol to Shireen Nishat, this is the art lover’s candy store!

Please check out the invitation here for all the information you may need and a map.

this is a more general view of the gallery, which is quite large; great for a major retrospective exhibition

gallery director liane al-ghusain in the gallery library with a copy of the b journal and a playful bear

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  1. I remember Unity in Diversity. Good show. Damien Hirst works there too. I know this new gallery is huge, so I’m expecting to see a show of a completely different scale tonight.

  2. So, I went. I give it a shaky 7 out of 10. But not bad for a start. Some OUTSTANDING work. And some SHAMEFUL work. Stronger curating would have kept the one or two (actually, three or four, maybe five) pieces of dross out. Looking forward to great things ahead though.

    • My only hang-up is the fact that the Kuwaiti art was segregated from the rest of the exhibition. If the organizers felt that it did not deserve to be hanging with the Lalla Elseyedis and the Youssef Nabils, it should have been excluded from an otherwise impressive show.

        • Marcus, I think that it’s important here to address the issue of ‘Who is the collector’. An exhibition like this is designed to represent a group of people, living in Kuwait, who love art, who collect art, and who are willing to pay handsomely for it because it is their passion. Unfortunately, there are several works on display which are neither world-class nor, I suspect, part of a proper art enthusiast’s collection.

          *Thank you, R, for the word!

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