ugh! part two

Botamba continue to display their professional ineptitude and outright rudeness. A few days ago I posted this and this. I have to say that I apologize to the blogs that I mentioned because as of today, one of them has been removed from this so-called aggregator. The owner of the freshly removed blog contacted me today with his grievances towards the site. He forwarded me both his letter to the site’s owner concerning preferentialism and the owner’s response. Apparently Botamba is selective to what they deem worthy of retweeting. This is an excerpt from Mr. Stillsearching’s second letter to Botamba:

listen, you either offer a service, or you don’t. 

what about the tweets?

i’m not ansam, buzfairy, or any of your friends. but if your site says it is an aggregator then it should do that job for all.
but perhaps you now find you are in the position to censor, edit and screen what is made available.
not going to make most people happy, is it?
your customer service skills seem to be sadly lacking, and may even be non-existant.
i give you the opportunity to reply.
To which he received this reply:
I don’t. Your blog has been removed.
Thank you for using Botamba :)
So not only are we censored on a national level, but these gormless brats are doing it too.

4 Comments on “ugh! part two”

  1. Botomba! Bah! Bah! Bah! Bastards!

    Rise up Ghadah – One who is beautiful – to many the meaning of a name is merely a badge. To a few, such as you, it is a description.

  2. Honestly, I doubt the people who surf the blogs on botamba will even understand your blogs… After all, your blogs do not talk about the latest frozen yogurt places, and the language you use is actually intelligible. Take it as a compliment that you have been removed.

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