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i need to learn to play again. have fun

I started this three days ago. Until this morning I had an uncomfortable relationship with this painting. I wasn’t happy, it wasn’t giving me the buzz I usually get when I’m this far into a painting. So I watched a section of a Dali video and thought: screw this, I don’t like the painting, I’m going to just paint something else over it. So I hope from now on I can start enjoying it. Thank you, Salvador, you crazy old kook.

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  1. very nice! I understand the inspiration may be from Dali but this painting looks much more like some of Francis Picabia’s with the overlaid and transparent figures… all of your work that I have seen is so rich and varied… I love it!

    • That’s really nice to hear, William. My inspiration this morning, as it was way back when I was inspired by him in 1987, wasn’t by Dali as an artist but Dali as this human being who lived outside possibly every norm known to the common man. I felt so trapped in a painting I wasn’t enjoying and watching the video helped me clear up the clogging in my head.
      I’m still working on the painting so not sure what it will look like in the end. All I can say now, after working some more on the painting, is that I am enjoying it again.

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