These are the morons who are empowered to tell you what you should and should not see on the net. I originally posted this and then deleted it when I got a comment that my PrettyGreenBullet blog was in fact on Botamba. But Raw Epistle was still rejected. I finally got their reply and this is it:

Dear Ghadah,

Sorry I could not reply on time cause I am on travel.

Your blog is a photo blog which is against the rules. But, after a second review, your blog contain original contents, which is something we love at botamba. We may not understand your art but I think there are other people who does. Also, pretty green bullets was already on botamba before we moved to a new server.
So welcome to our shitty little nerdy chicken shit….. site :P
As for the other website, I still think it does not qualify as a blog.
Botamba Admin
I honestly gave these guys too much credit. I didn’t think they’d be as idiotic as this. This was my reply:
Dear Botamba,
How on Earth does not qualify as a blog? This is ridiculous. You are ridiculous. I’d like PrettyGreenBullet removed from your aggregator.
Thank you,
What a waste of time. PS. if my ‘photo’ blog was against the rules, why is it in there? I’m really speechless. Unbelievable. My blogs are too clever for these idiots. And I thought my friends were wrong.

anyone for a round of irony?

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  1. I removed the word ‘fuckers’ because ‘morons’ is more accurate. And less rude. And lastly because I like to think that I can maintain my dignity and grace in the face of such imbeciles.

  2. I never heard of Botamba before and then when I looked at the blogs they display, I was not sorry I never heard of them before. Yuck ! Most of the blogs are the same, mostly posting about things to buy or eat or pamper yourself at in Kuwait. And many publish the same sort of posts because there is a limit to new things you can buy or eat or pamper yourself at in Kuwait. Your blogs are from another world. You do not belong there. Love,

    • Wafa, they’re just kids. But that’s not an excuse for ignorance and bad grammar. I remember looking at the blogs on there when they first launched and thinking that our youth is doomed.

    • Hi Wafa, you’re right – mostly. But they publish the same sort of posts simply because there is a limit to the way those people can think. As you say, she doesn’t belong there.

  3. Botamba? Is that an aggregator for fat people?! Don’t waste your time – or theirs apparently since all they know is fashion and food – and keep on doing what you like. It’s waaaaay over their heads!

  4. “welcome to our shitty little nerdy chicken shit….. site” is this ans answer? don’t waste your time.

    • Um…he was quoting me. ‘Shitty little nerdy chicken shit’ is mine :) I figure it’s the sort of language someone like him would understand. Plus I was at a loss for words and had a certain quota for syllables to be filled out.

  5. ‘Rejected by Botamba’. In the real world that would be the equivalent of winning an award. In certain circles I hear it even trumps an Oscar. To misquote Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t want to be part of any group that would have me as a member anyway.

  6. “We may not understand your art but I think there are other people who does. ” . . . .ROFLMAO!!! Well. . . You have to give them credit for THAT little nugget.

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