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A few days ago, I submitted my two blogs to Botamba, an RSS aggregator for Kuwait and the Gulf’s blogs. Yesterday, I checked their site to find that my babies were rejected. I was both upset and amused. Someone actually went through my blogs and thought: hmmm, no. Not good enough. So I’m thinking maybe I should start my own feed. Only problem is I’d probably only have two or three blogs on mine, including thestillsearchingblog, raine’s rants ‘n raves and thuraya lynn. Everything else just seems to be a sub-aggregator of everything else in the whole wide world.

A friend of mine asked me, ‘Does it really matter that you’re not on Botamba?’ And my answer was no. Of course no. But I need a reason why. I wrote twice to them and no reply, not even an acknowledgment that they have received my emails. So for some shitty little nerdy chicken shit to reject two of what I consider higher quality blogs, I need an explanation.

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