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I want to change the world! How about being more specific? How about starting small? How about taking teeny tiny steps instead of making gigantic proclamations? I hear it everyday. And that’s all I do. Hear it. I never see anything materializing whether I’m involved or not. The number of times I’ve been asked to be a part of something: design a logo, write an article, paint a picture for someone, and not have it followed up is astounding; the rule rather than the exception. I’m sick and tired of the bullshitters who just waste my time.

Now here is the way things ought to be done: 50 Give, launched by Keith Donohue last February: Keith says:

“My name is Keith Donohue and I will be driving, flying, or boating to each of the 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C., Mexico, and Canada, to volunteer in each location for a different non-profit, charity, or worthy cause.”

I admire Keith, who I know through my brother Mohammed (the original bromancers), for going through with and being so passionate about his dream. I so respect the way he had this well thought-out vision which he solidified with a well thought-out plan. He didn’t want to change the world. He just wanted to do whatever he was put on this earth to do, to make whatever difference he could, wherever he went. And he’s doing it in a Honda which gives him extra marks in my book.

He is not congratulating himself for what he is doing. He does not regard himself as some kind of a Messiah. He is just doing what he is doing. And I hope he gets all the support he needs to get him through the trip. It’s not about self-glory or getting silly votes (ahem). It’s just what it was, is and hopefully going to be.

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