cut & eat

a microscopic look at cereal

I’m feeling a little down today. In my life, food is a pretty accurate barometer for my moods; the worse I feel, the less I eat. So for this morning, I will eventually have my breakfast, but I probably won’t enjoy it. Which will put me at a 7.8 on the emotional Richter scale.

The picture above and the ones after the bridge are just some of many I did this morning between doing my chores and not having breakfast. Enjoy.

paging dr. spoon, paging dr. spoon

i shoot spoons

surrendering to forks

goddess warrior of cutlery and all things that go 'ching'

look. it's only me under the mask

i remove one of my faces. two are enough

7 Comments on “cut & eat”

    • Mai, for me it’s not about tweaking and making things ‘look even better’. I enjoyed playing around with my scanner and coming up with these little accidents. It’s all it took to make me feel better yesterday morning :)


  1. chilling and comical – without reading the captions of each photo, it feels as if you’re turning into a ghost.
    feelings turn into ghosts at some point, you could look forward to that.


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