my new love

with my new scanner i can do this: when the need arises, i can scan a few of my smaller notebooks side by side

My A3 scanner finally arrived two days ago. I didn’t want to just segue from my smaller scanner (which still holds a special place in my heart) to this one without pomp and circumstance. I wanted to honor my new and humungous scanner with a post dedicated just to it. So here’s to you, Mustek. And lots more days like this.

and this: scan pages from my large sketchbooks, which up to this point I have been photographing

and this: the things i could do with a full-body scanner

Name cards from top to bottom, left to right: Kuwaiti graphic designer Abdulrazzak Al Shamali, Lebanese jewelry designer Tarfa Itani, Arts Centre which I stumbled on with my friend Maysaa on a test-tube and other laboratory paraphernalia hunting expedition. They sell Copic Markers which are amazing. Next is another card from the same area behind the fabric souq, LB o J’zazz co-creator Lubna Saif Abbas, Maysa Alkandari who did my Stories of Eves exhibition skirt, Chloe Ballu who had her name and number stamped on this St. John pub matchbox, Sherwet Shafei from the Cairo gallery Safar Khan, the Mirzam Manifesto, (this came with some shark jaw bones my son Yousef ordered a few years ago. There’s a ‘thank you’ hand-written on the back which I just love), Yasmin Al-Mutawa’s personal card, and right below it Organica, which have deep-fried Mars bars to die for, Mike Johnston’s Squeaky Sneaks, Princess Hart (yes, that’s her real name), Jennifer Elise Baran formerly from adam & eve magazine, Kuwaiti artist Farida Al-Baqsami, stylist Dareen Farroukh, artist Patricia Millns, artist Barbara E. Cohen, our front-door neighbor during our two and a half week stay in Provincetown, artists Aziz + Cucher, framer and canvas stretcher Bu-Khaled, independent curator Elea Himmelsbach and finally Saudi artist Jowhara AlSaud.

and this: this was the most frustrating of all my sketch/notebooks to scan. the size isn't standard which is both a plus and a minus in my book. but not a problem anymore with my new best friend

and this: poems anyone?

and even this: a few years ago, my sister sent me a site which basically had scans of what people had in their purses or pockets. There was NO WAY i could fit what was in my purse, even if i tried my hardest to scale it down. well, now i can

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  1. I love it, this can open a new window of creativity, I would recommend u to check Matha Demethan work. She plays slot with scanners

    • Oh do I have to? I’m always reluctant to look at the works of other people who have used specific mediums that I’m currently using. For example, when I was asked to present at Pecha Kucha, I refused to look at anybody else’s presentation lest it affected mine. But you know what? Once I’m bored with my new scanner, I’ll check out her work. Who knows? I might be inspired by it. Thanks :)

      • hmmmmm you have a point & i think your right, be creative in your own unique way, i cant wait to see the results :)

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