august drawing|the middles & the ends

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entry number one. stacey wire ward

Stacey Wire Ward was my seventh grade Language Arts teacher. In the letter accompanying her version of this drawing, she wrote, “You will regret having invited me into your art circle!  But I sure had fun.  I have many gifts…however, the ability to draw is not one of them…”  Well, I think it is.

entry number two. reda salem

I found this in my mailbox this morning and it made me laugh out loud (LOL). To see one of my women transformed into an Egyptian farmer gave me the glees. You can see Kuwaiti photographer Reda Salem’s works on and

entry number three. zainab abu-ghazaleh

This one was submitted this morning by my daughter, Zainab. Ok, that’s kinda cheating but she draws very well,  got the point and delivered!

entry number four. yasmeen dimachkie

Yasmeen is my niece. I love the neck tattoo and bows.

entry number five. kareem el-sisi

I just received this picture from Kareem, who I used to paint with. In his e-mail he said, “This is just the concept! My art is related to Upper Egyptian life.”

entry number six. soraya darwish

Peepshow! You can see more of Soraya’s work on

entry number seven. reda salem

I love swings. Thanks again, Reda!

entry number eight. maysaa al-mumin

The one and the one below were sent to me by one of my best friends, Maysaa, who is away from home at the moment. She wrote, ‘Don’t have a scanner, nor any decent software, using the basic programs my father in law has on his dinosaur computer, these are my contributions.’ M, I know too well what it’s like to be away from the things you love!

entry number nine. maysaa al-mumin

Maysaa and I have a red dot thing going. It wasn’t my intention but she found a way to bring it out here.

entry number ten. thuraya lynn

I woke up 4:20 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep so thought I’d check my e-mails. I saw that I had received a submission by Thuraya Lynn and I felt it best not to open the attachment until well into the morning. I have seen her work and it’s kind of creepy. I love her drawings and you can check them out here: I’m sure if Thuraya were to write and illustrate a children’s book, it would be pretty messed up.

entry number eleven. yousef alshaikh

Yousef Alshaikh is a Saudi Arabian artist I met through Facebook, I think. Lucky for me because this guy’s work blows me away. Find it here: YA.

entry number twelve. deena qabazard

I received this tonight. Deena Machina kicks ass. There is so much going on here, I love her details. Garlic-headed, multi-breasted woman with bi-focalled man reading something we can’t see. What’s he doing under all her breasts? And the frames and chandelier appeal to the grandmother in me. I’m very happy with this one.

entry number thirteen. sonnie harris

I didn’t expect to get any more of these but I found this little surprise in my mailbox tonight. Thanks, Sonnie, for playing with me. In her e-mail, Sonnie said, ‘It made a really dull con call go by a bit quicker. It got me thinking of different ways to devise some compositions through.’ She also asked me if I had my own plans for the sketch. The truth is, I get bored with my plans sometimes, so no. For more of Sonnie’s work, please click here:

entry number fourteen. flora unger

Ah, total strangers. How fun to be linked by such a simple thread as a drawing. I got this in my inbox this afternoon by Dutch artist Flora Unger. Unger, who writes poetry, does jewelry and paints, says, “A lot of my work is based on pointy shapes in nature, like leaves, or the shape of shards and I added those shapes to your drawing. I used a pencil and I made the lines somewhat imperfect, because I like to play with the concept of perfections/imperfections.” Check out Flora’s work on

entry number fifteen. wafa rashed

This was sent to me last night by Wafa Rashed, who is a doctor and Kareem El-Sisi’s mother. Love the flowers, Dr. W!

entry number sixteen. adam judge

I’m just too impressed by the fact that Adam Judge took the effort to draw, color, scan and send this to exclude it from this group of interpretations. Leave it to him to see it in a totally different light.

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