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I started this painting yesterday. I didn’t think I’d get this far, but I got really into it. I’m very much enjoying the patterning, and I made it a rule to avoid all opaqueness, which is very different from my usual approach to painting. I only broke the rule at the end because it was absolutely necessary to do so. The painting still needs a bit of tweaking so please, as always, reserve your I-would-have-done-this’s for when it’s done. 

5 Comments on “new painting|escaping ballerinas|july 1 & july 2”

  1. I love this painting with all the creative different ways the ballerinas are escaping :)
    what do you mean by “avoid all opaqueness”? did not get you on this one.

    • Wafa! It’s so good to ‘see’ you again :)

      I know, the phrase ‘avoid all opaqueness’ is a bit unclear. I simply meant that I felt I had to be patient and add layer over layer of watered-down paint rather than my usual dabbing of thick, ‘opaque’ paint. Maybe I should have used a different word…

      • Life has been unusually hectic and cruel, but I always come back to your blog for a pick-me-up or let-me-see or keep-in -ouch :)
        Okay got it now! I’m loving this layering of colors. Tell me are these ballerina paintings for a coming exhibit and is this one taken?

  2. I am preparing for an exhibition but don’t have a venue or time set yet. Just enjoying myself and taking it easy for now!

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