Ballerina Pink|Sunday, June 5 am

ballerina pink. day two

Although I love receiving comments on PrettyGreenBullet, I publish these ‘painting-in-progress’ posts simply to share. It’s hard for me to work on a painting with other people’s voices in my head. I do know and appreciate that different people prefer these paintings at different stages. As for me, I not only enjoy the process, but I love to stop and appreciate the paintings I get along the way! I could choose to stop at certain points; points which would subscribe more to the current trend. However, there’s a certain degree of ‘finished-ness’ I like to accomplish, simply to achieve that feeling of satisfaction I get when I’m ‘done’ with a painting. So think of this as a kindergarten show-and-tell rather than an art school student critique. 

happy, clumsy, dopey ballerina

happy, clumsy, dopey ballerinas

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