Homes: Mai Al-Nakib & Adeeb Abu-Ghazaleh

lucky eve

I get so excited when I see my girls again! Always. Eve moved in with my dear friends Mai Al-Nakib and Adeeb Abu-Ghazaleh last month. I found these photos in my mailbox this morning with a letter from Mai. She said: I’ve included a photo of eve up and one of eve before she was up, just hanging out in her new space.  That photo also shows what eve sees when she turns her head away from her computer (which I’m sure she does late at night when no one’s looking).

love the books, love the bojka chair, and of course i love my eve!

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    • Wow this is cool. Mai is currently my proffessor in research writing. i rreally cant believe it :D Is this really her house ! Im not surprised she has great taste in Art. But who is Adeeb D: is he her husband or something thats cute :’)

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