new series|new painting|nothing titled or thought through enough yet

this is my new painting as it stands this morning. i have no idea where this or subsequent paintings are heading, all i know is that i have this idea

After finishing Stories of Eves, I felt an overwhelming sense of aimlessness. There was, however, still the exhibition to look forward to. But after the opening, while shuffling my children, the gallery and nursing what felt like a stomach bug, I thought of something a visitor to my show suggested: my girls dancing. I didn’t think much of it until yesterday, when I started feeling significantly better and I felt that I could breathe, taste, see, hear and touch life again (I know this all sounds so melodramatic but so was the big bang so bear with me!). I thought: why not? A whole series on dance would open so many more doors for my girls. But this time, I think I’ll give them their own names. They deserve it. So here, my dabble with dance begins. Who knows where it will go? I don’t and I’m glad about it.

i used untreated canvas. i love the feel of it. there's something about this picture that i really like too

my ballerinas will look like thugs. maybe they'll be pro-wrestling ballerinas. or just butch like paola riga's graceful ostriches!

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  1. How funny that canvas was bought before knowing you and how it was intended for a laser cut, but became wrapping paper and ended up as canvas for your painting. I wonder where/how it will end up next.

  2. When you mentioned wrestlers she seemed very Sumo-like…. and the untreated canvas is refreshing makes me want to touch it.

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