gallery hopping on a rainy sunday night/sunny monday morning


6:30 pm: fa gallery: body language|in the eyes of the iranian artists, in this picture acrylics and LED by mohamad mehdi tabatabaie

7:15:dar al funoon gallery, works by halim al karim

10:00 am: the sultan gallery: 'the children of gaza' featuring limited edition prints by dia azzawi

Every chance I get to go gallery-hopping in Kuwait, I do. People complain that we don’t have enough places to go to view art or listen to music; but we do. And luckily for me, who hates to drive and really prefers just to stay at home and do her own thing, I can do it all (viewing the art part) in a matter of a few culturally intense hours. Last night I visited the FA Gallery and got a sneak peak into the VIP room, which under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t imagine being invited to.

my favorite artist at the exhibition, shima esfandiary. i love these re-used grocery bags. i’ll shop where she shops please

i love this painting, also by esfandiary. look at the hands and feet. they are sublime

squished, canned, trapped in plexiglass display cases. there is something very haunting and claustrophobic about shideh tami's painted cans

'the other side' series by katayoun karami. i normally don't go for gimickry but hanging these photos perpendicularly is necessary for this piece, which possibly makes it an instillation. i like it

surprise! these were on the other side of the framed pieces. i only saw these as i left that particular hall

really like this piece by jahed sarboland. it wasn't my favorite work of his there, but my photos just weren't giving these paintings justice

After the FA Gallery it was off to Dar Al Funoon in Watiya where photos by Halim Al Karim are on display. Very eerie and very serene. Lucy explained that his photos were not digitally altered but the subjects painstakingly photographed and rephotographed to produce the ghostly affects of the artist’s portraits. In some instances, the models were painted on and had to sit for hours at a time. She said that no one here would do that for a photographer. I would. Just sit and pose for an artist like that? Over here! Pick me!

spooky! love! but not sure i’d be comfortable having these hanging over the dining room buffet

as straightforward as these three seem, something about the simplicity of the composition and the lack of detail is very jarring

this totally creeped me out. i realized that any reflection of these faces was enough to put me off sleep, and possibly scarier than the pieces themselves

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