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  1. 7ubi I heart printed note books which usually I collect them from museums, as they produce new editions every year, unfortunately or fortunately, this year I’m about to run out of my notebooks inventory, so as I admire your notebook style and the way you don’t stop at the edges of the page and changing themes every day + the female character and on top of that your ultimate 9ara7ah I’m suggesting if you could produce a notebook for us the untalented majority to write parts of our daily lives in the heart of your imagination, will you ?

    • I’m actually working on a book at the moment so am quite busy! And if I were to actually design a notebook, I’m not sure how successful it will be because I’m a terrible businesslady! Thank you though for the compliment :).

  2. no compliment I say it’s truth
    if you needed help business wise for the notebook tell me I’d love to see it come to life :)

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