the teabag prophecies|almost halfway done


teabags cascading down the side of my table. am i the only one who finds this beautiful?

Although I love the environment and do what I can to avoid destroying it, the main reason I keep many things considered trash by others is that I simply love the way they look and truly believe that one day I will create something beautiful with them. One day. As you see, I’m still working on my Tea piece. It’s just started picking up again because my children have become huge-ass tea drinkers (which is a good thing for me, a little contested for them). If I’m not done with this thing-this obsession I’m working-on by the end of 2011, I’ll be taking up tea myself.


waterfall. teafall. barriers against the deluge

in with the good, out with the bad

i had this one in a cup which had some left-over green paint. i love the way it sucked up the paint. the nature of physics is amazing

the bags remind me of old books rotting in a dark wood-panelled library

a revolution of teabags. us against the machine

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