Homes|I Own Art Too!|Part I


maysaa al-mumin's fish. i love them!

I’m always waiting to receive photos of my works in their new homes (hint, hint to everyone who’s promised to send me a picture and hasn’t!). I do get so excited when I finally do. And then I thought: wait a minute, I’ve got my own little collection of paintings and photographs I’d like to share with the people whose works they are and everyone else who is interested in this sort of thing (and the people who promised to send me their pics and haven’t!).

There will shortly be a part II to this post because I’ve promised myself that I’d get some photographs framed and there’s a Sabhan Adam sketch that I absent-mindedly stored in one of my books while on the phone. 


i included this photo because the fish are eerie and here, with the lamp shining up from underneath, it really feels like they are at the bottom of a deep, deep river

these are two of thomas modeen's photographs of objects he shoots when going out for his walks. i love how crisp they look. of course it's difficult to take photos of things through glass and i'm no professional photographer. sorry, tom!

tom's photos share a corner with my son's sketch of south america and an aviator helmet

i love this photo by waleed shaalan. i know i should have had it framed but it's fine for now. at least it's matte-framed

this is a close-up of waleed's very kick-ass woman


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  1. Ghadah, the fish were very difficult to light but your lamp does them justice. They swim deep now. Hope the headless lady likes them. Taa!

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