good-bye for now

i said farewell to my twenty-four paintings today. i'm not sure why, but i'm feeling quite down in the dumps. and the whole thing feels very anti-climactic because there's a month left until the opening of my exhibition, so it feels like i'm missing the excitement i usually feel right before opening night

i like the sides of my works to be painted, it's just neater. but i was kicking myself in the bum for not doing it immediately after completing the paintings. it was messy, cramped and quite dull

the smaller paintings i carried in my car to save time (and there was a risk of rain). in this photo they look quite reptilian

2 Comments on “good-bye for now”

    • it was part of the agreement with the gallery. otherwise i would have still been working on it early march 20th!

      laura, is that you :)? miss you. kiss the baby for me x


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