Exhibition 50/20|The Sultan Gallery


the gallery, a tree of life and the water which feeds it

I finally managed to make it to The Sultan Gallery this morning for a much-anticipated group show Exhibition 50/20. Most of the artists exhibiting here, when you put them in a room together, you’re going to get something like this: the ugly beautiful, the beautiful ugly, gender mish-mashes, political hodgepodge, religious under-, over- and in-between-tones, and in this instance a tantric tree of life.


this is a detail of one of the displays outside the gallery, an installation by aziz al qatami and peter curie. one of the things that i loved about this exhibition was the interactive aspect. because i love taking pictures, i found this installation compelling and very photogenic

another close up of the installation. is this a camel hump?

feathers, a hump and me

inside i met jana and two hot chicks in fatima al qadiri's large format zine, pate (with lauren boyle)

farah behbehani's 'tree of life' providing a bit of shade for jana

god created a dot. i like that. written in farah's description of her work

if you lie under its branches, you could just fall asleep happy

i like the contrast of the rough rope and smooth letters. as much as i wanted to, i didn't touch the tree

picking alphabet apples

in order to really appreciate farah's tree, you have to SWIM in farah's tree

bassem mansour's 'mabru' reminded me of a crouching man in a dishdasha. looking at the photo now, i see a man's back sitting up after one of his prayer's prostrations

if tariq al sultan were king, this would be his money. very pretty, tariq. and i love the way you get a kaleidoscopic rainbow when you arrange all the notes from lowest to highest denomination. can you be my king? or at least my minister of finance

i don't know what this thing is. it looks like a chanel landmine

'the becoming of the loofa-palm witch/um il-sa'af wil-lef' by jasim al saddah and amera al awadhi. i love the translation!


jana wonders what this thing does

fatima's book and tariq's falcon arab-flirting

jana and her own, private generator shed by monira al qadiri. monira, i've always been both intrigued and intimidated by the drawings on those buildings

i'm posting these photos in the order i took them. i really don't know how i ended up back at the 'tree of life'. i guess i just hadn't had enough. it's like a child's mobile. but for adults

dripping alphabet leaves

i actually almost missed this very hypnotizing video by fatima al qadiri and lyndsy welgos, styled by khalid al gharaballi

yelwa. haunting

and i find myself at the tree again...

'requiem for old kuwait: 1951-2011' by nadia al foudery. i just realized, reading the label i photographed, that i know who nadia is! i wish i'd looked at this closer now. shame on me

a lovely book by a special friend

hello what's this! a blink-and-you'll-miss-it display by the entrance (in this case 'exit'). yummy nuts and yucky cigarettes

as a rule, i do not touch anything that's not mine, but i just thought, maybe what is ON the i-phone is just as significant as the i-phone itself. but i guess it wasn't. so i broke my rule for nothing

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