hand in oil

I’m going through a very difficult time in my life at the moment. When I have times like these, I tend to eschew brushes and other means of transporting paint onto canvas; in other words, I use my hands. Or I paint on my hands. Sometimes I also paint on my arms and legs. Maybe it’s just my own version of self-mutilation. At least I’m not cutting myself, right? Not on purpose anyway.

After I painted my fingers using my black paint (which I’m kicking myself in the ass for; my supply of black acrylic paint is quickly dwindling), I took some photos, then decided to make a little video, and finally added sound, all this with the help of my super-hero son, Khaled Abu-Ghazaleh. I liked the segment so much that I’ve decided to make a full-length video to this, one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands: Cough Coughing by Menomena*. So look out for that, coming sooner or later.

*When searching for the song (which I had on my iTunes but needed online), I discovered that there is already an official Cough Coughing video! It won’t deter me from making my own, though.



2 Comments on “hand in oil”

  1. that’s very compelling for some reason. i like your outlet… self-mutilation, or self-adornment? making yourself the canvas is very poetic. makes total sense to me, when thinking of you.


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