Gallery Tilal|Stories of Eves|Six Eves Play Hide-and-Go-Seek

six eves play hide-and-go-seek, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 90cm

As a child, I always played hide-and-go-seek with a little trepidation and absolutely no sense of fun and game. How could anyone enjoy a game where you had to hide in a lonely, isolated place while someone sought you out? It’s far from pleasant. As for the seeker, how terrifying and just as existentially creepy. It’s like a horror shot from some thriller movie around every corner. No fun at all and absolutely senseless.

two eves hiding and scared

i see you

i'd be frightened too

4 Comments on “Gallery Tilal|Stories of Eves|Six Eves Play Hide-and-Go-Seek”

    • i wanted to add a cruel element to their play (not that we need a more tortured version of the game, nor that i think dogs are cruel). not only are the girls’ dresses bright, but they have no chance against a german shorthaired pointer! evil!


    • When I was little, this sort of landscape typified storybook charm to me: the trees, hedges, sandy path and long flowing dresses. It’s strange but just yesterday my sister asked me about this painting. Funny how that happens!


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