same dress|a new painting


oh fuck

There are two things I have to say about this painting but I’ll only speak about one: it sucks when you’re in the vicinity of someone who is wearing the exact item of clothing that you have on. It’s happened to me twice, but I’ll only speak about the one time. In a bizarre moment of a sartorialist’s version of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a woman was wearing the same printed cotton pants (these were the 90s), on a plane heading to Kuwait. I had spotted her earlier in the airport and immediately started tugging at my pants (which were quite stretchy). I don’t know why I pulled, it’s not like it would have been any less embarrassing if they’d come right off. The problem was that there was nothing ambiguous about the pattern on these pants: the design was autumn-colored, bold-printed paisley. We were wearing the same pants. As I boarded the plane, I passed her (she was already seated in her chair [I’m surprised I don’t still remember her seat number]), I turned to her and said, “Nice pants”, and remained seated for the rest of the six hour trip.

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  2. It happened to me once, you were there- but did not know that this had happened. It was at an auction actually. It felt like being made redundant…. that’s why I have friends who make and tailor special stuff just for me. It’s a weird feeling

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