gallery tilal|a cupful of eves

a cupful of eves, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm

The title of this painting changed from A Bowlful of Eves to A Cupful of Eves. These things happen sometimes.

eve swirls, eves swirl

4 Comments on “gallery tilal|a cupful of eves”

  1. I like the swirl. Reminds me of the swirl in VG’s Starry Night. I generally like swirls anyway. I think we don’t see enough of them these days.

    • vg? i didn’t know you were on an initials-for-last-name basis with vince. and at your age, i would have thought you see swirls all the time…
      but i’m glad you like MY swirls

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