eve & me


eve and me. the photo was taken a few weeks before i did my painting on the left

My brother, Tareq, was over for lunch this afternoon. After we ate I saw him clicking away at his phone. Then he asked me, “Ghadah, do you have a painting of Eve at her computer?” and I said yes. Then he showed me a photo he had taken of me a couple of months ago and the similarity really shocked me. I know it’s a fairly common occurrence to be seated at one’s computer, but the thing that struck me was the composition, the long flowing dresses and the fact that my brother had taken a photo which I painted a few weeks later.

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  1. Common or not, there is something of an artist that comes through in the work. I think you do channel very human content in what you paint and draw, Ghadah. It is what drew me to visit your blog and to see what you do. This is wonderful that you shared this.

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