Eve on TV


eve earlier this morning, before the arrival of the ktv crew

I was visited this morning by the Kuwait Television crew (Rashed Bader, Amani Al-Enezy, Ahmed Al-Mutairy and Abdulaziz Alhadad), who came in to film a segment for a new variety show to air next year. I was quite nervous because I had to talk about my work in Arabic, and unfortunately I’m not too familiar with the whole art jargon in any other language but English. The whole process took around two hours, and I was surprisingly easy with painting for film (I’ve done it before but that was me filming me).


filming the box. a few selected paintings were filmed and then i had to go back and talk about each one. that was my least favorite part

and the box on the little screen. they were quite professional and for the first time i felt inadequate and clumsy in my own studio. well, inadequate anyway. i'm always clumsy. everywhere

eve after filming was done

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      • No, and barely. But even at my time of life I can still feel vibrations. Anyway, you shouldn’t mock.

        (Isn’t commenting on a blog a wonderful thing! Where else could I write three sentences that aren’t even proper sentences, publish them, and have people who don’t know any better think I’m a rare wordsmith? I think my internet days are the best days of my life!


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