found notebook from the nineteen hundreds

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I recently found this sketchpad under a pile of books. It had always been there-I see it all the time-but I never thought to look in it. What I found was a barely filled book of drawings, but more outstandingly, ideas; from being the King of my own little island (not a Queen, and don’t ask me why) to the embryonic stage of a plan to  direct an Oscar Wilde play. It’s an older sketchbook, dating from the late 1990s. I know that because my son was a baby in the sketch of him sleeping. The book is large and a bit awkward. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it again for anything, it’s too big.

5 Comments on “found notebook from the nineteen hundreds”

  1. I love all of your work, Ghadah. Each little line captures a moment, a thought…. all part of the rich tapestry that is Ghadah, which in turn, fuels our lives. I have felt your presence since I met you. Now I know why.

    • thank you, stacey. it’s a good thing for me to feel that my work is reaching people. it drives me that people look at my work and appreciate it one way or another.

  2. I’ve recently found out about you and your work(s) and quite frankly I’m inspired!
    the concepts and ideas you propose are quite surreal, looking forward to your updates!

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