three paintings still|december 17 pm

it wasn't an apple that was your undoing, eve. it was the company you kept

the fight ebbs and flows

chat room marathon

9 Comments on “three paintings still|december 17 pm”

  1. Love these! I want the green-and-yellow fabric on the dress in the middle painting to really exist so I can buy some and have a dress of my own made of it. And actually, I wish I had that painting.


    • oh she is my muse :). peter, you won’t believe this but i was in the kitchen half an hour ago wondering how my girl was doing at yours! well, she’s your girl now…


  2. Other civilisations had their version of ‘Eve’, from whose disobedience to man sprung many of the ills of the world and much woe to mankind. The Greeks had their ‘Pandora’. Isn’t it fun being an Eve or a Pandora? Teehee!


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