three paintings|december 12 am

i love a good cat fight, especially in long flowing dresses

I often work on several canvases at a time. This is for several reasons, only two of which I remember at the top of my head: first of all, economic reasons. One of my least favorite things about the acrylic medium (which is also one of my favorite things about it) is its rapid dryness factor. When I have more than one canvas at  my disposal, I like to use whatever paint left over from one painting onto another. It saves time and paint and is all ’round more efficient. The second reason I like working on more than one painting is that I need to take a mental and physical break from one and start or resume work on another. I think I have a relatively short attention span (or a huge penchant for multi-tasking, I don’t know…). And this is why.


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  1. I love the ‘don’t know when’ of these paintings. They make me think of rowdy Bronte sisters (plus one onlooker), Mrs Anna Leonowens writing to Abraham Lincoln at the request of the King of Siam in the middle of the night, and Florence of Nightengale having a fag because it’s just getting a little too tough for her right now.

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