frothy qutra*


qutra. protect me against the dusty storms

I’ve been working all morning on three paintings so forgive me if I diverge a little. As you may already know, I’ve been working a lot with collage; and collage means glue. Glue sticks to everything and is amazing to peel off. So I peeled my dried up chunk of glue off the yogurt tub I was using and tacked it to a picture of one of my paintings, on my cork board. And with a stroke of serendipity, I got this result which I am very happy with. Mind you, the fact that I’m so happy with this could possibly be another side-effect of glue.

*the white or checkered red and white head scarf worn by Arab men

the original picture, unassuming. the painting is entitled 'beam me up'

i was struck (and a little creeped out) by how the eye on the left clearly showed through the glue

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    • ew, you’re gross, ms. c. but i do appreciate your observation (and i suggest that if this is what your condoms look like-i presume after use-you’re just not doing it right. tell your boy-toys that.)

  1. There’s that scale thing happening again! At first (without reading the text properly) I thought it was another of your huge canvases, but that would make this one HUGE condom and a MASSIVE pin.

  2. Ooh, very nice. Collage is delicious because hybridism is a good thing, even when it isn’t. Except in the big picture, it’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it’s a great and magicky weird thing.

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