my story|coconut in her hand

My friend, H, is always giving me these lovely notebooks. I can never resist them and usually end up writing or drawing in them immediately, before even finishing the previous few notebooks/sketchbooks I’d already begun. My usual problem is that these books must be themed one way or another. So for this one, my solution was to begin a story and watch it unravel as my days unwind. I think I’m going to enjoy this book. The story is called Coconut in Her Hand.

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  1. That’s not a coconut, that’s pineapple! Click on my link – it’ll take you to the Coconut Research Center (there really is one – and I think they have courses for people like you!)

  2. so it’s a pointy coconut. the point is, you have to be patient, ms cooper. wait and see how the story develops before going all pedantophilic on me.

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