paper building

the public library i share with my neighbors

I’ve started on a new project involving lots and lots of paper. As you know, I get quite distracted when embarking on a new experiment and I start thinking about things like architecture and insects. Paper is a wonderful thing, and often I like to shrink myself to the size of my thumb and pretend I live in a wonderful world where pristine beaches and public libraries are compulsory.

no one can litter my beach. those who do will suffer a befitting punishment

every window in my neighborhood faces the sea, and every home is amply and naturally lit

every now and then, a noisy cicada flutters in through my paneless kitchen window


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    • miti!
      it’s been forever :)! the thing about architecture was inspired by the pictures. i’ve always been in love with architecture and buildings that ‘do it’ for me. ever since i was little i felt that buildings, especially people’s homes, had a human characteristic, like they were an extension of the characters who lived inside. and i did have a house or two that i was utterly in love with, whether in real life or a storybook.

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